Regret or Victory? You Decide

“I am so shameful.”

“Why did I ever allow myself to get caught in that trap?”

“God will surely leave me now after this happened.”

“What will I tell those around me?”

Have you ever been here–at the point when you look back at all the mistakes you’ve made? Do you feel regret or victory? I have MANY mistakes I have made. I made some yesterday. I am most positive I will continue to make mistakes because I am human. I am flesh. God says that my Spirit and my flesh will war until the day that I die.

So how do you handle it when you make a mistake? Do you beat yourself up, call yourself stupid, and decide that since you are a complete cracked pot that you are no longer of use to God and it is time to just tell Him goodbye and go back to your old life?

Or–do you look at the mistakes you made as a tool–a teaching tool in God’s hands? Do you view those mistakes as hurdles toward the finish line? Do you look at them as if they are critiques in your human nature, spurring you on to your God given body and soul?

I used to view myself in the first scenario. I would beat myself up, feel shameful, and just want to give up. But God got a hold of my heart one day and told me in no uncertain terms–

If you will let me take those mistakes, I can turn them into victory dances for you. You went through that so that I may be glorified–not you. Let Me do what I need to do and I promise you, it will all work out in the end.

I cannot tell you how relieved I was to hear those words being spoken to my heart. To know that when I made mistakes, God was there to encourage me to continue the race. Now that does not mean that there were no consequences. I still truly believe “if you play, you pay”. But God has a way of taking your mistakes and turning them around for His glory.

Today, if you are struggling with the mistakes, stop beating yourself up. Look to God to heal those hurts, and let Him help you repair what needs to be repaired. I am not saying it will be easy, because God knows, I have had my share of meltdowns in the midst of being repaired.

Let’s work together to allow God to use our past mistakes for His glory!

This post is linked to Wordfilled Wednesday.

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  1. Amanda says

    oh wow!! I just did a post (before todays WFW), titled “Regrets”. It is amazing when God is speaking about the same thing through different people..

    Great WFW and fitting picture.

    God bless you, this WFW

  2. lori says

    Jen! Great post here! We have a choice don’t we…learn form those mistakes, ask for forgiveness and move on or NOT. This was great!

    I’m so glad you joined us and shared today!

  3. Whidbey Woman says

    Great post! So encouraging. We all make mistakes… so nice to know we can “let go and let God.” All we have to do is go to the throne of grace.

  4. says

    Wonderful post and worth the consideration. To be honest – it has only been recently (5 years) that I finally recognized that I was regretting and not rejoicing in my mistakes. It finally occurred to me that each time I regretted a mistake I was unable to learn from it. But, moreover, I was denying the “ability” of Jesus to save and redeem me from error. I still have some regrets but I am tackling them head-on and handing them over to Him, who is mighty to save.

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