Teaching Your Teens to Trust Their Dad

Last night I learned something that I believe will stick with me for a very long time.

My kids watch how I act with my husband.

I knew that in my mind, but I saw it come to completion last night during a really bad storm. The kids were so scared. The storm was so bad that I had them huddle in the hallway *just in case*. They were predicting this one to be the worst our area had seen in 50 years.

My husband is a weather watcher. When things start getting rough, he begins watching all the reports, he stares at the sky examining the clouds and whether there is rotation or not–he pays attention to all of that.

We tease him a bit about his pacing from the computer to the front porch. But last night just really spoke to me.

Our neighbors up the road were all huddled into one of the houses basements. They came over right about the time the storm was going to get really bad and asked if we wanted to join them for safety. My first instinct was to jump at the chance to join them and take my mind off the storm. Just about the time I was going to speak up, I felt God hush my words and he spoke to my heart, trust your husband’s judgment and share that with the kids. My husband declined the offer, thanked them for thinking of us, and then went back to watching the storm as it hit our area.

I had no clue that my kids were watching me and waiting for me to say something. My daughter asked me if we could go wait it out in their basement. She was really scared. What I told her next shocked even me, but as I said the words–I really felt them. I told her, “Honey–your dad would never put us in harm’s way. If he thought we were in serious danger, he would have taken them up on that offer of going to their basement. I trust your dad wholeheartedly with my life. He knows what he is doing and I am not worried.”

As I spoke those words, I saw the worry leave her face and was placed by relief. It wasn’t long after that, that Stephen came and told us it was okay to come out. The rain was still coming down hard and the wind was still blowing, but my heart learned a very valuable lesson last night–one I soon won’t forget–I must trust my husband like I trust my Savior.

Two things to take away from this post–

1) Your kids watch how YOU, the mom, interact with your man. When you doubt his abilities, they doubt. When you don’t trust him, they don’t trust him. Show them what it truly means to stand behind your man and support him.

2) Esteem your man highly in front of the kids. When you do that, they gain a better respect for the man that they call daddy.


What about you? Have your kids had issues with trusting their dad? Maybe it’s time to look at your trust in him to see if that is where the problem lies.

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