Marriage Mondays~Letting Him Parent His Way

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I am one of the worst wives when it comes to letting  my husband parent. I constantly chime in, sharing with him how I would have did it. How many of you ladies will be the first to admit that you do this too?

Even as I am opening my mouth speaking, I realize that this is detrimental to both our relationship and his and the kids, and yet, I can’t stop myself.

Because I am momma bear.

This is my brood.

No one can do it better than me.

I’m here to tell you that both mine and your thinking is wrong! We are doing a disservice to our husbands when we undermine their parenting.

Think of it this way–If God saw fit to entrust you with a child, don’t you think that he would empower the both of you to care for that child?

Now I know there are some cases where dads should not be parenting (and I am not even gonna touch that one with a ten foot pole), but I am not talking about those. What I am talking about is when daddy has ideas how things should be done and he begins to voice those, and we step in and say– no, we can’t do it that way. It’s wrong. Here, let me show you how we can do it.

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We as mothers have got to step back and give the men in our lives breathing room. They need to know that when they parent, we are not going to constantly nag at them about the way they are doing it.

Your way and my way is not the only right way to do things.

I love what Lisa says in her post Let your Husband Be a Dad:

The next time you think that your husband is being foolish in his choices, step back silently and ask yourself how this looks to your children. What do they see through their impressionable eyes? Do they see a Dad with his head hung low and a know it all mom, shoving her way to authority? Or do they see a Dad standing tall holding the whole family’s respect? (Don’t think he deserves it? …doesn’t matter…he IS your childrens’ FATHER.)

Now is the time, ladies, to really practice honor and submission to our husbands. Being a great dad is top priority on their list but if we are constantly squelching their tries, they will soon stop trying.

Let’s make a pact this week to strive to hold our tongues and bow out gracefully when our husbands are parenting the kids–even if we don’t agree with what they are doing!

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  1. Eschelle says

    i would like to honestly say that if my children were left to be raised by dad and dad a lone I think they would be doomed….

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