Batman Deserves a Bat Dog!

Kayla is my creative child. She is always crafting something, building something, drawing something–straight from her mind! Pure genius I tell ya! :)

Anyway, she is obsessed in love with Super Heroes. One of her favorites is Batman. She loves the movies and would watch them all day long if I let her!

So when Halloween rolled around this year, she got it in her mind that she was going to dress Tucker (my chihuahua) up as Batman. We did not have any outfits laying around the house that fit that description, so she started brainstorming his costume.

~She created his mask.

~She drew his cape and cut it out.

~She dyed his cape using food coloring.

Yes! You read that right! Food coloring can be used to dye fabric. As you can see in his Halloween costume that his cape is yellow.

It started out as a white piece of fabric. Kayla added some water to a cup and added a few drops of food coloring and then placed the piece of fabric in the cup. In just seconds, it was dyed that beautiful yellow color.

He makes and adorable Bat Dog. . . don’t ya think?

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