Love and Forgiveness

God is really doing a number on me lately. He is deep into teaching me about love and forgiveness. It’s a hard lesson to learn. So many things have been going on in my life–with my children, me, my husband. Through it all God keeps whispering to me–
Love and forgiveness.

My flesh cries out NO!!!, but my heart says yes. It is the heart that I follow because I know that God is burning this in me for a reason.

You see, love and forgiveness go hand in hand. You cannot truly forgive someone if you don’t know what love is, and you cannot love someone fully until you have truly forgiven them.

It is a lesson I am intent on teaching my children. I want them to know that when mistakes are made, there is love and forgiveness to be found. Both in God and in me as a parent.

Are you a parent dealing with unforgiveness?

Has your child disappointed you in some way?

Have they made a choice you don’t agree with?

Are you taking your hurt out on them?


Take it to the Lord and allow Him to show you how to handle the situation. Remember this verse–pray it, live it daily.

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  1. deidra says

    Good questions. “Are you taking your hurt out on them?” That one is worth sitting with for awhile.

    Thanks so much for your comment today at (in)courage.

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