We Can All Learn a Lesson from Rocky and Adrian

YO! Adrian! (sorry! I just couldn’t help myself) :)

Last night, my family and I settled in to watch the Rocky Marathon that was on tv — or what was left of it anyway. My favorite one was on, #4 where Rocky fights the Russian Ivan Drago. As much as I love this movie, there is one part that speaks to me above all the rest.

Rocky and Adrian get into a fight because he has decided to fight the Russian. He goes on over to Russia with his fight crew and leaves her behind. The fight has caused his concentration to not be as good as it should. Rocky is finding it hard to focus on working out and getting stronger.

However . . .

After a while, Adrian shows up just as Rocky is coming back from one of his runs. He sees her and instantly his world is better.

Adrian: I couldn’t stay away any longer. I’ve missed you.

Rocky: I’ve missed you too.

Adrian: Ya know Rock, I’m with ya no matter what.

Rocky: No matter what?

Adrian: No. Matter. What.

From that point on Rocky was unstoppable. The love and support of his woman was all the fuel he needed to beat Ivan and make the point he was trying to make.

So what point am I trying to make?

You see ladies, like Adrian, we need to realize that our men — those wonderful men, need our full on support. Without it, they feel like a disappointment in our eyes. We may not always agree with everything that they do. We might not like how they talk to us. We might not even like the way that they handle the kids, but they have to know and TRUST that they have your support.

A man needs to know that his wife, his beloved, believes in him above everything else.That is where I fall short many times.Stephen knows I love him, but I don’t always tell him I support him in his work or his ministry. How can I show that to him?

  • By being there for him
  • By helping him succeed in his work
  • Praying for him
  • Doing things for him to help make his workload easier
  • Telling him how proud you are of his ability to care for you and the kids
  • Loving him
  • Reminding him what a blessing he is to you and your family

Adrian teaches us all throughout the Rocky movies — she may not like the fighting aspect of what Rocky does, but she believes in her man, his abilities, and his love for her. Let’s all take lessons from her and start treating our man like he is our #1 Rocky! I know I am :)


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