My Favorite Mother Daughter Activities

Kayla and I spend a lot of time together. It is amazing that we have the close relationship that we have. I mean, she is 14. Most 14 year old girls don’t want to hang around their mom or even snuggle for that matter. I guess I am just blessed in that way. Because we have spent so much time together, we have found several mother daughter activities that have become our favorite.

There is just something about mother daughter activities that open the door for talking. It seems like during these times when we are relaxed and having fun, that is when Kayla chooses to talk to me. I think it has to do with the fact of not feeling like she is being cornered, but she is able to share on her terms and in her time — without being poked or prodded.

Here are our top 5 favorite Mother Daughter activities!

  1.  Cooking together: Our number 1 favorite mother daughter activity is cooking. Kayla and I will get in the kitchen and find recipes that take some time to cook and while we are preparing dinner, we talk. We talk about boys, school, friends, life, and whatever she wants to share with me.
  2. Crafting together: She and I share a love of creating things from scratch, so a lot of times, we will gather our craft items and just sit around the table and craft. Sometimes we talk and then sometimes we just sit in silence.
  3. Read a book together: Kayla loves to read, but even as old as she is, she loves for me to read to her. We will visit the library, get some of her favorite books and  pile up on the couch and read together. These have been some of our favorite times as we laugh until we cry!
  4. Play video games together: We love the Wii and challenging each other to a bowling match or an Olympic game has always been a favorite past time of ours.
  5. Just piling up on her bed and snuggling:One of her favorite mother daughter activities is just laying in her bed snuggling together and laughing and talking. This activity has awarded us many mother daughter chats — like the one we had right after she started her period.

Laying there together in her comfort zone gave her the confidence she needed to ask me some questions. I’m really glad I had the answers to the questions she was asking, but many times there are moms out there who don’t have all the answers. She may ask tough questions that you just aren’t sure how to reply. When that happens, you can turn to U by Kotex for some simple answers to those hard questions.

The next time your are looking for the perfect time to talk to your daughter, find an activity that you two can do together and open the floor with an opening question like, So, how are you doing? She may open up and she may not, but at least she knows that you are there to listen to her and talk when she needs to.

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