Sometimes the Stress is Just Too Much

As I write this, I am sitting here with so much stress knotted up in my shoulders. I feel angry, sad, depressed, confused, and just plain NOT happy. I know that I am normally happy and cheery, and just yesterday I told my husband I was in a great place emotionally. But somehow, during the night, my thoughts turned inward to everything going on with me and I could immediately feel the stress piling on.

Stress of being a Superwoman.

You see, there  are a ton of things I am accountable for — running my home, helping my husband, teaching our kids, working from home, writing my book, on and on I could go with this list. Sometimes this life is great and I enjoy it, then other times like right now, I wish I could just take a break and just breathe.

Honestly — the world sees us supermoms as someone who looks like this–


when in reality we really look like this —


God never made women to be this bombarded. We were made to nurture and to love and help. When we put so much on ourselves, our bodies and our minds begin to crumble — both physically and mentally.

I’ve decided to really take a step back and look at what I have going on and begin to trim things away that are eating at my health. I am to that point that I must do something or else I feel like I am going to drown.

Do you ever feel that way? How do you handle it?

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    I was about to tell you that I feel the same way with the stress and i’m seeking a balance and then I saw your word for the year! Thanks for putting words to what so many of us feel!


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