Why Phil and Kay Robertson Make Great Marriage Role Models

Last night while watching Duck Dynasty, I was once again reminded why I absolutely love Phil and Kay Robertson. To me, they are the perfect example of loving your spouse and putting their needs above your own. Kay just has a way about her that really speaks to me as a wife. Phil — he always wants to make Miss Kay happy and he does his best to accommodate her wants and needs. Every single time I watch the show, their love, their respect, and their desire to be together just speak loudly to me.

Here are a few reasons why those two make me want to snuggle with my man just a little more! To me — she is the Proverbs 31 woman and what a great role model she is.


  • Kay never speaks negatively about Phil to anyone. I can tell just by this one small thing that she is a Godly woman. When I watch her on screen, she always has a way to make Phil seem like the best husband in the world. She speaks kindly of him, never puts him down, and does her best to find something positive, when she could easily talk negative about him. I love that about her. It makes me want to really watch how I talk about my man. In fact, we all should do that because in Proverbs 31, this woman speaks so highly of her husband that he is known at the city gates and his reputation far exceeds him. It is because she has done her part in talking highly of her husband and not never negatively or out of the way.


  • They never deny each other when it comes to intimacy. Some people might have a problem with this, but in all honesty ladies, if we stop denying our husbands when they need us in this way, our relationships with them will flourish more than we ever thought possible. I honestly think this is one of the reasons that both Phil and Kay are so in tune with each other. The Bible talks about giving ourselves to our mate and never denying them this intimacy except for an agreed upon time. I laugh when I hear either one of them say something about going to the bedroom. Miss Kay says it herself — she loves being with her man. Ladies– let’s learn something here!


  • Kay doesn’t try to be the head honcho of their family. The Duck Dynasty family is huge, and they all know that Phil is the Patriarch and has the most wisdom. God has put him in this place as head of their family and everyone respects that. You know why? Because Kay respects that. If you notice in the show, Phil never towers over her and demands that she do things his way. She respects him as the leader of the home and he respects her as the helpmeet. They compliment each other in the way that they both know they have specific roles that are ordained by God and when we operate in those roles the way God intended, much respect will be given. The reason that the boys respect Phil so well is because of the respect that Kay has always given Phil — even when he didn’t deserve it.

This family has really won a special place in my heart and the more I watch them, the more I want to model Kay’s behavior towards Phil. You can tell that her love for God is first and foremost, then her love for Phil, and then her children. She doesn’t try to be anybody that she is not and neither does Phil. They have truly shown me what loving your spouse looks like.

Who is your marriage role model? Do you have one? If not, who would you choose?

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