Five Minute Friday: Imagine

Today’s Topic for Five Minute Friday is Imagine:

Today I look outside and it’s raining. Just yesterday, my homeschool friends and I had a blast with our end of the year party. We played in a pool, enjoyed roasted hot dogs and lots of sweet fellowship time.

It’s time’s like those that my imagination runs wild. I think to myself, what I wouldn’t give just to be that carefree all the time.


I imagine a world where I am the best homeschool mom to my child.

I imagine a world where I don’t have to work and I can just write.

I imagine a world where my family is my most important ministry.

It’s funny, because my imaginations are soon to come true I think. I am excited for the changes that are happening in our family and I cannot believe that something I have waited for after so many years will be coming true in just a few short months.

Imagining is a great thing because that is what gives us hope. God starts with planting this wonderful seed in our hearts — this desire to do something for Him. We take it and we start dreaming and imagining what it would be like to see it come to fruition. From that seed and desire, hope begins. From hope comes the imagination, and then after the imagination — realization of the dream.

I love being able to imagine. In school, I was always the one getting caught for day dreaming. I tell my kids to dream big and dream often. Those dreams will one day spur them on to bigger and greater things.

Imagine. It’s a word that makes me giggle with excitement. :)

What about you?

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