A Day in the Life of a Teenager – Do They Still Like Playdates? #EPICPLAYDATE #CGC

I can remember when my children were little. Amazing playdates for them would be to pack a picnic lunch and head out to the nearest zoo, or head to the lake for fishing fun. Now that they are much older — 18 and 15 — those playdates are few and far between. So what makes for an epic playdate these days for a teenager?

For my fifteen year old daughter, she is an animal lover. We just came home from the Creation Museum this past weekend and she has talked non stop about the petting zoo and all of the amazing things she got to see while she was there.


For her, an epic playdate involves something with fur that she can pet or feed — or better yet, take care of.

Like the sweet little 10 week old kitten we just rescued from under my Hostas when we arrived home.


Someone threw her out at our house and she has a broken tip on her tail and her face was scratched up, but my daughter scooped her up and loved her, all the while nursing her back to health.

For me — the whole purpose of a playdate is to do things with your kids before they are SO grown, they don’t want to do anything with you. Luckily, that has not happened to me. With our family, we do tons of things like —

  • Fishing together
  • Going Bowling
  • Hiking
  • Yard Saling
  • Swimming
  • Playing games outdoors
  • Family Game nights

It’s about building that relationship with your kids. It’s about getting your priorities in order and really enjoying time with your family.

I loved reading about Mighty Girl’s Epic Playdate with her son Hank. Being on a farm and getting to watch a movie in a barn? Yes — this would totally be right up our alley.

Hyundai Epic Playdate | Mighty Girl from David Crowther on Vimeo.


Your turn

What would be your epic playdate with your kids? Do you find it harder to plan playdates the older they get?

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