Weekly Wrap Up – Our First Week of School

This week we started back to homeschool. I have been dreading this week more and more, but then once it arrived, it has been smooth sailing. Kayla is different this year with her learning which is making it SO much easier for us during our school hours. Here is our weekly wrap up.


I think one of the reasons this week has went by so well is because we changed a few things around from last year. For starters, we are no longer trying to do every subject every day. Math and English get done every day, but for Science — we do it on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and then for History, we do it on Wednesdays and Fridays.


We have also incorporated Nature Study and we have went back to doing Read Alouds

It has made all the difference in the world.

We changed math programs again this year. Instead of sticking with Math U See, we switched to Teaching Textbooks and she loves it. I am so glad and hopefully this will really help her to learn the math she needs to.

Weekend plans

It’s Labor Day weekend around here. I am sure we will be doing some fishing — because that is what we do and how we roll. Fishing is like our favorite thing in the world to do.


Upcoming Vacation

Next weekend, we are headed out to Florida for 7 glorious, fun filled days! We’re going to be staying in a resort home that has our own personal pool. I am SO ready to get away on a real vacation — you just don’t even know!

While we are there, we will be visiting SeaWorld, taking a boggy air boat ride, visiting Gatorland, touring downtown Disney, and more. Hoping to get Universal Studios on there, but not sure if we have enough time to do that.

I might even go on a date night with my hubby while there <3!

Recipes Posted this week

I tried a few new recipes this week that turned out amazing. Just in case you missed them in the flow of what I post here, check them out!

So — what has your week shaped up to look like? Share it in Kris’s Weekly Wrap Up. You never know what cool ideas you can learn from other’s posts.

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