3 Tips to Make Homeschooling Fun

This year has already started off to a great year with my daughter. It feels weird though, because she is the only one I am homeschooling. Because of that I am working hard at making it a fun year for her. Here are 3 tips to make homeschooling fun that I try to incorporate in our week somewhere.

3 tips to make homeschooling fun

Park Days

I don’t care how old you get, you always LOVE park days. While we no longer play on the swing sets and jungle gyms, my daughter loves to hunt for animals in the park creek. We try to go at least twice a month so she can search for tadpoles.


When our cousins were down, we took them to the park and she showed them her love of finding them and how to scoop them up without hurting them. She truly had a blast with them.


Bake Something Together

Anytime our studies have taken longer than anticipated, we stop, take a break and bake something. That is how we came up with these yummy Almond Butter Balls and Mexican Cheese Dip recipes.

Go On a Field Trip

Field trips are a great way to bring the learning home and make for a fun day. We have one scheduled for after we return home from our vacation to Florida. We are going to be hitting up a botanical garden in hopes that they have a butterfly garden.

Other places we have been are the Abraham Lincoln birthplace, The Nashville Science Center, The Old Homeplace to learn about Pioneers, and more.


Kids, regardless of their age, love to learn — so why not make it fun? You don’t always have to have your nose stuck in a book. Learning can be done anywhere!

What about you? How do you make homeschooling fun at your house?

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