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My son and daughter have grown up with Capri Sun products in our home. From the time that they were old enough to drink from a straw, they were a part of our lunchtime or travel time plans. Now that they are older and into their teens, those small drinks are just not big enough to quench their thirst. Thankfully, now there is Capri Sun Big Pouch.

Capri Sun Big Pouch 2

I was excited to discover that the Capri Sun Big Pouch drinks are so much bigger than the regular Capri Sun drink pouches. They are also sold individually, and at .88 each, I couldn’t pass up a great bargain like this.


The packaging of the Capri Sun Big Pouch is very bright — including lime green, blue, and red colors. This is definitely attractive packaging for the older teenagers. The Capri Sun Big Pouch comes in three thirst quenching flavors:

  • Capri Sun Big Pouch Maui Cooler
  • Capri Sun Big Pouch Fruit Punch
  • Capri Sun Big Pouch Strawberry Kiwi

Of course, when I asked my daughter what her favorite flavor was — she of course went with the Maui Cooler.

Capri Sun Big Pouch 3

American Pickers Adventure

One of my favorite shows on television is American Pickers. We have been watching it faithfully ever since it came on and have even made plans to visit their store in Nashville. Mike Wolfe, creator and star of American Pickers on History, is my favorite :) so when I heard about this amazing contest that Wal-Mart has going on, I knew I was going to enter to win.


One lucky winner will fly to Nashville, with three guests, to go on a half day pick with Mike Wolfe, creator and star of American Pickers on History. 100 other winners will win a prize pack that includes:

  • A Messenger Bag
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Gloves
  • Bandanas
  • Flashlights
  • Journal
  • Pen
  • T-shirt
  • Kid Pickers Book
  • Carabiners

Creating a Pick Kit For Your Family

Whether you are hitting up the yard sales (like my family likes to do), or if you are digging through your grandmother’s attic, every picker needs their own pick kit. So — what would you include?

Capri Sun Big Pouch 13

For me, the perfect pick kit includes a notebook for taking notes. I don’t always buy the very first thing I see, so I will write down in my notebook where I saw it and how much they told me they would sell it to me for. I like to mull over purchases before I jump on them.

Of course, a flashlight is always a necessity — especially if I am digging around in my dad’s attic, which is FULL of treasures waiting to be uncovered.
Last but not least, you need money :) No pick kit is complete without it.
For more tips on picking, watch this video.

A couple of months ago, my daughter and I were out yard saleing and I ran up on a coffee sign that would look great in my kitchen.


This is a full metal sign and I just knew that it would be at least $10. Imagine my surprise when the lady told me it was only $1! This pick definitely made the cut and went home with us that day.

Are you interested in learning more about the contest with Mike Wolfe, creator and star of American Pickers on History? Here’s a short video that will fill you in.

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    • Jennifer Sikora says

      Thanks Shannon :) I am going to go to Nashville one day just to check out the American Pickers store and “fingers crossed” get to meet the team.

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