First Form Latin Giveaway – The Perfect Latin Curriculum

I am working on cleaning out our curriculum closet since our son graduated. I have tons of stuff we are no longer using, so instead of letting it go to waste, I am giving it away to my readers. Up for grabs first is First Form Latin.


When Robert was taking his foreign language class during homeschool, he chose Latin. He absolutely LOVED it. It can be covered in as short or extended amount of time as your lives—and your kids’ learning abilities—dictate.

I love how each lesson expounds on the lesson before it — and the listening cd’s are great for perfect pronunciation.

I recommend it to any parent—homeschooler or not—who’d like to introduce the basic concepts of Latin to their kids.

First Form Latin is sold in a set that includes a Teacher’s Guide, a Student Workbook, flashcards, and a pronunciation CD. 25 lessons cover seven parts of speech, two tenses, 125 vocabulary words, numbers 1 through 10, basic constellations, and introductions to conjugations, declensions and derivatives. Each lesson is broken down into grammar skills, five vocabulary words, a practical Latin phrase, and a line of prayer that is completely learned by the end of the chapter.

The First Form Series is for students of all ages because all beginners—regardless of age—are in the grammar stage of learning.



Enter to win a complete set!

I am giving away our set that we used a couple of years ago. It is like brand new. Use the Giveaway Tools to enter the contest.


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