How to Have a Fresh and Sexy Date Night With Your Husband #cbias #shop #freshNsexy

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One of my favorite things to do is planning date nights for my husband and I. Now that my kids are teenagers, preparing them are  a lot easier, because I send them off to their friends houses and my husband and I have the house all to ourselves. If you have been wanting to have a fresh and sexy date night with your hubby, here are a few tips to get you started.

Fresh and Sexy Date Night Ideas #reshNsexy #shop #cbias


Planning is KEY when having a date night. If you want it to be a surprise, planning will be a bit harder, but it can be done. For us, I am planning a date night soon that involves steak, movies, a comfy blanket, and some serious snuggle time :)


What will you make for dinner? Will you cook together, go out to eat, or order take out? For us, a lot of the times, we will opt to just stay in and make a gourmet meal of steak and mushrooms with a yummy dessert.

Fresh and Sexy Date Night Ideas #reshNsexy #shop #cbias


This is another option for a great date night. Will you go out to the movies, rent a movie from the video kiosk, or will you just decided to watch one of your own that you have at home?

Watching a movie at home can opt for more intimate snuggle time :)

Get Up Close and Personal

What date night is not complete without some serious intimate time? This is where the Fresh and Sexy comes in — literally!

Fresh and Sexy Date Night Ideas #reshNsexy #shop #cbias

Now — the WHOLE reason you have planned a date night is so that you can spend some intimate quality time together, correct? I know I do. That is a very special time on date night, so you want to make sure that you are clean and fresh.

Okay — odd topic, I know — but you know what I am talking about.

If you are having a date night with your hubby, sometimes a shower or getting clean is usually the last thing on the list because you are running around trying to get everything prepared for the date night.

Then at the last minute, you realize that you forgot to shower. In the back of your mind, you know you need to freshen up a bit, but don’t really have the time to jump in the shower, so what do you do? Good hygiene is important.

Grab a Playtex Fresh and Sexy Towelette to freshen up.

These are great for before and after your intimate times together. They also work great for anytime you need that fresh and clean feeling.

What I Love About this Product

The thing that I love most about the Fresh and Sexy Wipes are how easily transportable they are. I am keeping a few in my purse for those moments when I need to freshen up. Like I said, they can work for just about anytime you need to feel clean and fresh.

Snuggle time for Movies

Regardless of when you decide to get up close and intimate with your hubby, there is always room for snuggle time and a movie. Check out our new blanket we got!

Fresh and Sexy Date Night Ideas #reshNsexy #shop #cbias

This blanket is so freaking soft and plush! Cuddled up under this, watching movies with my sweetie, and sharing a delicious dinner together is the perfect date night in my book.

Who needs to go out to have fun when you can have all the fun you want at home together?

To find out more about the Playtex Fresh and Sexy wipes, visit them on Facebook.

What about you? What are your tips for a fun date night with your spouse?

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