Being Wise and Planning for the Future

Information for this post is sourced from Genworth Financial in partnership with the SheHeard Influencer Network. Feel free to add wording such as all opinions are mine.

The older I get, the more time I want to spend planning for my future with my family. However, it can definitely cause some serious anxiety — especially if you have no clue what to do and where to turn.

My husband and I are just now coming into our forties. For us, we want to make sure that when we reach age 65 or better, our own children are not saddled with taking care of us. How are we handling that? By taking time now to plan and put things in motion for when that time comes.

A recent survey that I read in this article on the Genworth website says that getting old has become unaffordable. It used to be super easy to get old, and not cost so much money, but now a days, it is super ridiculous the amount of money has to leave our pockets when we are planning for the future.

Take my daddy for example. He is now pushing 80 years old. My sister lives with him in his home and takes care of him. If he did not have her, he would be living in an assisted living facility, which according to my mother-in-law can be VERY expensive.

My husband and I are starting to take steps now to prepare for our retirement age. We have purchased life insurance plans and are starting to save up so we can put our money in a 401K plan for later use.

It’s never too late to start planning.

What about you? Have you started making plans for retirement?

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