Being an Imperfect Mom and Just Enjoying Life

Last night and all day yesterday, my daughter and I celebrated her best friend’s birthday. My kitchen pretty much stayed messy all day. For me, that is pretty rare. I am one of those raving lunatic mothers who cannot stand for anything to be out of place. But something happened to me when I went to Type-A. I learned a valuable lesson about messy lives, and it kind of stuck with me. I’m trying to learn to be an imperfect mom and just enjoy my life.


For too long, all I have done is spend my free time trying to keep everything neat and clean, “just in case” I have company. I have finally come to the realization that doing this is killing the free and creative person in me.

I am at the point in my life that I am tired of trying to make everything seem so perfect. I am totally missing out on fun for the sake of a clean house. It’s really amazing what a different perspective can do for you.

When Amber was giving the opening key note talk, I sat mesmerized as I listened to her talk about living by the unexpected. For me — that is SO hard.

I am a list and organizer kind of girl.

It’s hard for me to just go with the flow. I freak out in the grocery store if I don’t have a list. I panic if people mess with my schedule, or even alter my menu at home (yes — you never see my freak outs, but I have them).

After hearing her talk, I came home to a different feeling. I walked through the door of my home, and I don’t feel so scheduled any more. I don’t feel like everything has to look “just so” in order to have fun.

So how did I let go yesterday?

Imperfect Mom

I let my daughter and her bestie make a homemade ice cream cake. I did not supervise. I did not stand over them demanding that they clean the kitchen. In fact, after a while — I joined them and we made homemade pasta yesterday —

and homemade alfredo sauce.

and played board games to celebrate her special day.

Yes — sometimes it is totally OK to just let your guard down and be imperfect. I promise — it won’t kill you.

In fact, you just might find that in that moment of imperfectness — you find you are able to breathe again.

So — momma — I give you permission to just let go and have fun for a while. That load of laundry and sink full of dishes will still be there later. Enjoy life while you can.

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  1. Arnebya says

    You would still probably cringe at my house (well, the kitchen and my bedroom, at least). I’m a go with the flow, live in the moment kind of person but that lends itself to being an all of the dishes are dirty, where the hell is my other shoe kind of person. I’m glad the conference gave you insight, that you were able to be more relaxed. I enjoy not stressing over cleaning but at the same time, I’d like to up my desire for having things clean.
    Arnebya recently posted…Just Write: Too ThinMy Profile

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