LeapReader is Great Ways to Teach Your Little Ones #giveaway

I was provided products to giveaway in exchange for this post. All opinions listed here are my own.

I love being able to share all that I do with those around me. Recently, I was chosen to be a LeapReader party host and talk to moms about the amazing products that the LeapReader Brand has to offer.


LeapReader is the complete learn-to-read-and-write solution. LeapReader engages kids in imaginative stories with lively character voices while building vocabulary skills and growing reading comprehension skills. Interactive handwriting guidance helps children learn to write on special mess-free paper. Plus, LeapReader helps develop listening comprehension skills with audio books.

I had a lot of fun learning about these new products, but more than that, I had fun distributing them to one of the families in our church.


What new products are available?

Leap Reader

The LeapReader solution includes three essential experiences:
  • Learn to Read: Sounds out words, reads sentences, and lets kids play games and puzzles.
  • Learn to Write: LeapReader gives children interactive guidance as they practice writing letters and numbers on special mess-free writing paper.
  • Learn through Listening:: Audio books, learning songs and trivia challenges build comprehension skills and vocabulary.

LeapReader ($99.99) comes with  two audio books and five songs preloaded.  You can purchase additional interactive books, audio books and music.    (The pen has another 256MB space available.)   The range is big with over 100 items available –  meaning you can extend the life of the pen a long way if you’re happy to keep buying more resources for it.   The pen also works with the previous Tag Reading system – which is good to know if you already have a few of those on hand.

The LeapReader could definitely help your child with learning skills!

Enter to win

I am giving away one of the LeapReaders that I received to one lucky reader. To enter, use the Giveaway Tools below.


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  1. Jessica B. says

    I would love this for my son! I would love to teach him to read and learn independence in doing something on his own.

  2. Kim Kihega says

    My daughter is in 1st grade and is just learning to read. She also has a speech problem, so this would help her to articulate her sounds!

  3. Vanessa says

    Oh god this would be so beneficial to my little cousin. He already hates to read making him behind in school. Fun and engaging as this Leap Frog is, would do wonders for him.

  4. Eloise C says

    My 5 year old daughter is in Kindergarten this year and just learning to read..this would be perfect to help her learn even more! Thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!


  5. McKim says

    My grandson’s speech is sometimes difficult to understand. I think listening to the reading might help him with learning and pronouncing new words.

  6. Maria Iemma says

    Children learn best while having fun and I would love to win this for my granddaughter so I can teach her to read.

  7. kelly Knapp says

    Interactive tradebooks and realia are beneficial for any learning reader, but exceptionally so for reluctant readers.

  8. Mary Beth Elderton says

    This would be great for my grand-daughter—I think the sights,sound, and hand control will help learning.

  9. Jennifer H. says

    My son is just learning to read. He loves tehcnology so I think that this would make learning to read more fun for him.

  10. Katie Roch says

    It could help prepare her for things she will learn in school and reinforce the skills she learns so that she excels in classes.

  11. Tamar says

    My son could use it to motivate him to learn letter sounds and learn how to read. Also, he’d learn how to trace the letters.

  12. Rebecca Parsons says

    One thing I think it will do is put the fun in reading. Every kids learns differently and usually when they have fun learning they absorb what they are reading more easily.

  13. Jessica B. says

    This would keep my son busy while I tend to my newborn. I love that he would be learning and having fun at the same time.

  14. Heather B says

    my 2 year old loves to read, being able to read books on his own when I am not able to sit and read with him would help him develop his reading skills better and faster

  15. melodi mance says

    my daughter just started preschool and is learning to read she already knows all of her letters and this would really help her prepare further for kindergarten

  16. Jill Myrick says

    The Leap Reader could help my son to recognize letters, sight words and sound out words before he is ready to start school which would be a big plus.


  17. Maria Iemma says

    My granddaughter learns best when she is having a good time and using the LeapReader is fun! which will equal success

  18. Maria Malaveci says

    I would really love to win this for my daughter. She is doing so great in learning how to read, and this would help her tremendously!

  19. julie matek says

    I would love this for my daughter as she is just leARNINg to read and write. She also loves imaginative play:)

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  20. jay says

    i would love for my daughter to win it would help her a lot she was burn at 26 weeks pre maturity and it would greatly benefit her

  21. Karolyn says

    My daughter is just learning to read. She is a very independent child and would love to practice on her own. The leap reader would allow her to do so.

  22. augrim says

    My 8 year old nephew does very well in school but, he hasn’t been testing well in reading comprehension. Enter LeapReader.

  23. Karen Drake says

    I think the Learn To Read feature would help my granddaughter learn to read because the interactive feature sounds out words and would let her play games and do puzzles.

  24. tina reynolds says

    I think this would help my daughter with her reading and it is fun so she would actually be more likely to do it with out a fight.

  25. rose paden says

    I would really love to win this for a family i know who is need of Christmas presents for there kids this year! This would be a prefect gift!

  26. Melissa Nagy says

    I think that this would help keep their attention. They are electronics driven so they wouldn’t realize how educational this is.

  27. Deborah Hogue says

    My granddaughter already knows some of her sight words but her vocabulary is expanding everyday and she loves books so this would be a perfect fit for her.

  28. Stephanie Larison says

    My daughter would think this is fun to play around with, and learn at the same time. I’d like to get her more prepared for school.

  29. Gwendolyn Blunt says

    This would help my little girl get a head start in Kindergarten next year! Thank yo so much for the awesome offer!

  30. Marc says

    This would help my little great nephew to have fun while absorbing knowledge because he is very inquisitive and open to exploring new things.

  31. Kate Newton says

    I think this would help my kids learn because they are already familiar with, and love, LeapFrog products. Since they enjoy them, I think they would be more inclined to have an open mind when it comes to a product that helps them read.

  32. sylvia says

    my son is getting to the age where he will be learning to read; this will help him with his phonics and understanding words

  33. Laurie Emerson says

    This would help my daughter as she is just beginning to learn how to read and this would make learning fun for her.


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