10 Things I Learned at Type-A and a Gorgeous Atlanta Sunrise

Atlanta was amazing. I’ve driven through there before, but nothing could compare to actually being there. I ate some amazing food, met some new people, found new blogging friends, and had a great time. This however, is what I woke up to every single morning, and it is simply beautiful.

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For me, a sunrise is filled with hope and promise. Being at the Type-A conference this past weekend helped me to really hone in on the vision of where I want to go, what I want to do, and to stop wasting my time focusing on things that don’t bring me pleasure.

I walked away from this weekend feeling like that sunrise — full of hope and promise. Here are 10 things I took away from this weekend. They all come from our first keynote speaker — Amber Naslund. As she spoke, I felt her speaking directly to me, because I live in fear of making the worst mistakes in my life, even though I have this great dream I know I am supposed to pursue.

Anyway, here is what I learned.

  1. Sometimes you have to grab things by the horn and let them take you where you want to go.
  2. It’s okay to quit things.
  3. Regret is a much heavier burden than failure.
  4. Don’t live life in the gray. DO THE THINGS THAT SCARE YOU.
  5. Own what you’re good at. Own what you’re not good at and quit taking everything so seriously
  6. “When something scares the pants off of you, that’s probably the thing you need to do.”
  7. When something doesn’t feel right, let it go.
  8. Sometimes you have to do things that are completely audacious because those are the things that usually pay off.
  9. Imposter Syndrome – Who am I to start a blog and think that people would listen to me? WRONG!
  10. The only irreversible thing is death.

I plan to do MORE of what I love and less of what I hate. That is going to take A LOT out of me, because I have that people pleaser mentality. I want everyone to like me, to appreciate what I am doing. I don’t like to rock the boat — but this is one time that I am going to do that.

Am I going back to the Type A Conference next year?

You betcha :)

But hopefully, I will be able to be at the Mom Market next year with my own book in hand 😉

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