Yummy and Healthy Dog Treats from Nutrish #pawsup4nutrish

I was sent complimentary products for my little Tucker from Nutrish in exchange for this post. All opinions listed are my own. No other compensation was received.

Tucker is my baby. I think I have told you like like a billion times. If this is your first time visiting here, let me fill you in :) Tucker is my 7 year old rescue chihuahua that has been my sidekick since he was 6 months old. He is almost like he is my third child. He has his own toys, his own bed, his own clothes, and must have a sliver of bacon every. single. day.

Tucker loves his Nutrish Dog Treats. They are yummy and healthy for him. Click through to read my review on them and to see how well he likes them.

Because I love and adore him like I do, I want to make sure that whatever treats I give him are good for him. Before I started paying attention to what I was feeding him, I would just basically pick up any old treat at the store and bring it home to him.

But then —

I got to meet with the folks behind Nutrish when I went to Type-A Conference and I learned just how valuable their brand of food and treats are. Rachel Ray and her team go above and beyond making sure what I am giving my dog is REAL ingredients and not by products.

The Nutrish Dog Treats come in different shapes and sizes. Perfect for little dogs and big dogs.

I was recently sent a package of both Soup Bones, Soup Bones Minis, and Savory Bites for Tucker to try and a bag to pass on to a friend of mine for her larger dog.

Tucker always loves to try out new treats, but since I started buying the Nutrish brand — it has become his favorite. He loves that he can just take his treat with him and eat it at his leisure.


Soup Bones

Rachael Ray Nutrish® Soup Bones™ are savory, long-lasting chews made with simple ingredients. They have all the deliciousness of a wholesome soup bone with none of the splintering or mess. There are no artificial colors and no meat by-products — just a tender, meaty center inside and a great taste your dog will love to gnaw on.

Savory Bites

Rachael Ray Nutrish® Savory Bites are hearty, soft and chewy morsels inspired by Rachael’s home-style recipes. Chock-full of the savory, real meaty goodness dogs love, the combination of real beef or real chicken plus real veggies makes for a delicious taste your dog can’t resist.


For me, knowing that the Nutrish brand uses real ingredients — that gives this dog owner piece of mind.

As an added extra special treat, Nutrish sent Tucker some of the Naturally Delish Wet Food for Dogs. The problem here was that the cat would not stay out of his food!

He kept trying to enjoy it, but the kitty would have NO part of that without her getting into his food.

Even the cat loves Nutrish!

If you are looking for a great dog food brand to start your new year off with, why not try Nutrish? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

As an added bonus, Nutrish products can be found at my local Walmart and are very reasonably priced.

You may not know this, but proceeds from Nutrish help animals in need through Rachael’s Rescue. I think that’s pretty awesome! Learn more about Nutrish from their web site www.nutrishforpets.com.

Enter to win

One lucky reader and their dog(s) will win 3 bags of treats: Savory Bites, Soup Bones and Soup Bones Minis. Giveaway is open to U.S. readers, ages 18+. Use the Giveaway Tools form below to enter!


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    I would send a nylabone to one of our granddoggies to chew on, especially if they have the one that helps remove dental plaque and tartar too.

  2. Tricia Andrews says

    I think my dog Barry would like to try the Savory Bites. He’s not a big chewer so something small would do for him!

  3. Samantha D. says

    I think my 2 big dogs (Ted and Daisy) would love the soup bones (any flavor) but really they aren’t that picky about treats as long as their tasty and chewy.

  4. Jessica says

    What an awesome little package of goodies for my pup. I can just imajine how excited he would be to have these !

  5. Rachael G. says

    I think my dog would like the soup bones best, but really any treat will do!

    I like Rachael Ray’s treats because they’re made with real products

  6. Karrie Millheim says

    The would love the Savory bites. I am always on the look out for good quality treats for my girls. I love to spoil them and these look great

  7. Evelyn Driver says

    My dogs love nylabones and jerky treats, but I think they would really love the Rachael Ray Nutrish Soup Bones

  8. Ashley Salyer says

    My dog Bailey is a German Shepherd/Dobeman mix, so she will eat just about anything, but I think she would like the savory bites!

  9. Jennifer Reed says

    My dog is a chewer so I think he would enjoy the Rachael Ray Nutrish® Soup Bones the most. The savory, long-lasting chews made with simple ingredients would allow me to feel safe about what I was giving him.

  10. April V. says

    My dog is so non-picky that if I grab a handful of kibble and offer it to her by hand, she thinks that is a treat. I’d love for her to try the soup bones, I could see her enjoying the heck out of those things!


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