Make Your Dog a Happy Dog with a Happy Dog Box

I received a complimentary Happy Dog Box in exchange for writing this post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

I love blessing my fur babies with toys and treats. However, I can’t always get to the pet store (since it’s about 20 or 30 minutes away). Since it is hard to get to the store, I look for services like Happy Dog Box to help me out.

Happy Dog Box

Happy Dog Box is a monthly service that costs $21 a month and they will put together this awesome box of toys, treats, and pet products for your pooch.

The Day our Happy Dog Box arrived. Mom -- open it already!

How it works

Log into the site and then choose “Get Started”. Once you do that, simply choose the size of dog that you have, the type of subscription you want, then create your account.

From there, they will bill you monthly for $21-$25 (depending on the subscription you choose) and each month you will get a cute little box for your pooch in the mail.

Tucker with his Happy Dog Box

Tucker really loved his box and all the things that were included. My favorite item? It had to the the shed control shampoo. They had NO clue that my baby suffers from serious shedding, so this shampoo came in super handy!

All the items in the box are very useful. They take time and care to pack your box with items that are perfect for your fur baby.

Enter to win

One reader is going to get their chance to win 1 Happy Dog Box for their puppy. Use the Giveaway Tools form below to enter.





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  1. Bobbie Smith says

    I would just love a toy that may little Elle Mae couldn’t destroy. Usually it will only take her about a day to tear all her toys apart

  2. Paula Michele Hafner says

    A new squeaky toy would be great. My female Chihuahua loves little squeaky toys. She’s 4 and still playful and silly.

  3. Kim says

    My dogs would love some good treats or bones. They would also love a dog toy as long as it isn’t a soft/stuffed toy.

  4. Jennifer R says

    I would hope that the Happy Dog box would include a stuffed toy with long legs. This is my dog’s favorite type of toy!

  5. Ronda Patrick says

    I have to hope different for each dog, one like a soft toy to carry around and the other likes squeeky balls and chew toys!

  6. Jammie says

    I would hope they sent some dry shampoo, we have one dog that smells like nothing, but another that stinks all the time!

  7. Kayci Stanley says

    I’d love to receive a nice new toy for my dogs. My little poodle mix loves tennis balls, or any round toys.

  8. Kari Arsenault says

    My dogs are super picky and it’s always a chore to find something they like. Here’s hoping a box full of goodies would appease my little pups 😉

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