When Mom Gets Sick the Whole House Falls Apart

Have you ever noticed that when mom gets sick the whole house falls apart? I really caught it yesterday when I woke up at 3 am with serious stomach pains. I thought I had eaten something that maybe didn’t agree with me, or that I had gotten food poisoning, but after a few hours and I started running a fever I realized that I was down with the stomach bug.

Isn’t it amazing how our whole houses fall apart when us moms get sick?

Mom gets sick

All day long yesterday I laid on the couch and watched episode after episode of The Secret Life of the American Teenager while fighting the urge to go puke my guts out. I wanted to get up and clean the house, make something to eat for the family, and have a cup of coffee, but no amount of wanting was getting me off that couch.

I had to face it — I was out of commission.

Funny thing is this — when everyone else in the house is sick, mom is RIGHT there, rubbing backs, foreheads, and giving all kinds of snuggles. She cooks meals and waits on the family hand and foot.

But let mom get sick — it is like the worst virus in the world has hit the household.

~No one knows what to do

~No one knows how to clean anything

~God forbid that mom get loving — she has a fatal disease and if you touch her, you will get it too.

Sick Mom 1

I finally drug myself to the bedroom where I passed out for about 3 hours. Thankfully I have a teenage daughter who can take care of herself so she took care of me a little while I slept and she painted a portrait for a friend.

But later on in the evening when the guys came home from work —

I apologized about not being able to fix supper. My husband went out to the store and got some pizzas for him and the kids — so thankfully everyone had something to eat.

My supper consisted of saltines and water.

As a mom– our jobs are not easy. We take care of the majority of everything around the home. We are SO good at our jobs that when we need a day off or get sick, everything falls apart.

Why not let your family learn to help you take care of things so that when you need a day off things don’t fall apart?

My family showed me yesterday that while I am out of commission, things might not get done like I would do them, but they can survive and fend for themselves — and hey guess what? The house is still in one piece — a messy one piece, but its all there.


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