Tired of Being SO Sick — Time to Make More Changes to My Diet

I haven’t written a weight loss post in a few weeks. Not because I haven’t been trying to lose weight, but because I have been sick –literally. I looked at myself in the mirror one day and I realized just how horrible I was looking. My skin was all pasty, I was seriously bloated worse than I ever have been, and I was just disgusted. I could tell by the look of things that this was not weight gain but something worse going on. I knew right then and there I needed to make changes to my diet.

I think I am having wheat and gluten issues.

Wrinkled SkinSerious — look at that skin — it is wrinkled and is missing something.

After reading a couple of different books on how I was feeling, we all finally came to the conclusion that wheat and gluten is killing all of us, so we are making some HUGE changes in our family.

It is SO hard.

I am not gonna lie. I love eating fried foods covered in delicious crunchiness. I love my desserts. BUT — I want to be healthy, so the family and I are starting out on a new health kick and I am hoping and praying that this will make us feel better.

I am also trying to cut out all processed foods and sugared foods. I am bound and determined to get healthy.

Homemade BBQ ChipsAt least I can make my own homemade chips!

Anyway – this morning I woke up and had coffee and it is making my stomach hurt too. Not sure if it is the creamer I am using (which is not sugar free at this moment), so I am going to work on cutting that out as well.

I have found a lot of great new recipes that I want to try out this week that will help aid in giving me some yummy flavor, but keep all the nasty chemicals raging through my body at bay.

I will keep you informed of how I am feeling.

Oh — and that amazing weight loss that I was going through? Totally stopped in its tracks and went the opposite way. I am back to 166, but praying that this new way of eating will help me lose weight and feel better.


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  1. Shannon @ MamaMusing Online says

    Cutting out processed foods is a wise choice. Eating clean makes you feel so much better. All you have to do is get over the ‘hangover hump’ when you miss the ‘high’ you get from those processed foods.
    Shannon @ MamaMusing Online recently posted…Dealing with Snow DaysMy Profile

    • Jennifer Sikora says

      You are so correct Shannon! I am already feeling much better in just a couple of days. I am starting to have sweet cravings now, so I need to find some healthy sweet treats I can have so my sweet tooth will be nice to me!

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