Trying to Be a Perfect Blogger is Killing My Writing

This morning I woke up to a winter snow storm like no other. We have gotten about 3 inches of sleet with a potential 6-10 inches of snow being dumped on that. In fact — as of right now, it is coming down so hard, I can’t even see the school across the street. It’s days like this that make the perfect day for writing. BUT — my trying to be a perfect blogger messes all that up.

Snow Storm 2014 Kentucky

For the last three years I have learned all the important aspect of blogging. However, when I read my friend Kela’s post this morning on writing, she said something that really struck me — right between the eyes. She said —

I’m not into all the rules of blogging.
I’m into great content and a quality graphic to go along with what I write (I don’t hate all aspects of blogging “rules”)

That line — I’m not into all the rules of blogging — that pretty much is what is killing MY writing. I feel like you have to have a certain amount of words because that is what is proper for SEO purposes. You have to have the right keywords otherwise your post won’t get picked up in search. I have to make sure to link to some of my older posts so that people will stay on my site longer.

All of that is literally choking all the writing out of me.

Yes — I understand that those things are needed, but really — if you are a writer, should your words that you share matter more than how perfect the post is?

I love how Kela is so raw with her words — she shares from her heart — and she doesn’t really care how long it is. She just shares. I used to be like that once — and then I was taught how to blog “the correct way”.

Sometimes I feel that all these “professional bloggers” have forgotten why they started blogging in the first place.


It’s crazy because as a blogger, as soon as you realize you can make money doing what you love to do –writing blog posts, you just keep going and going and going until one day — you realize that you have completely sold out to the one thing that mattered the most to you — but you have pretty much twisted it and reshaped it until you can no longer see your dream anymore.

It’s time to do something.

I am not really sure what that something is for me, but I have to find a way to get back to just writing and not worrying so much if everything is perfect.

What about you? Do you blog? Do you try to keep up with all the ins and outs of blogging or do you just do it without all the worrying about SEO and being perfect?


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  1. says

    I don’t have the slightest clue about “SEO” and “keywords” and the like. I’m sure that’s a contributing reason that my blog doesn’t draw huge traffic but I’m glad I don’t have to stress myself out about all of that.
    Kari recently posted…Witnessed Sibling BondingMy Profile

    • Jennifer Sikora says

      Sometimes it can be a stressor, but it is very important if you want more traffic to your blog. I used to not care about that at all and I just wrote. But — once the traffic bug bites you — you want more and more people to visit your site.

  2. says

    While most of my content is sponsored I try and put me into it. And I don’t play the “game” that is blogging. I just write what I want, and apparently Google is aware of that because they took away my PR. The thing is that gave me way more liberty to do whatever I want, because I was no longer a slave to them. Even though it took away some avenues of monetization… it’s a relief not to have to wonder if everything I write is “good enough” for the big G. That being said, I probably wouldn’t blog if it wasn’t an extra income source for my family. I’m not nearly interesting enough, or do enough over the top cooking/baking/crafting, etc., that anyone would bother reading what I write LOL.
    Tammy recently posted…Happy Wives Club ReviewMy Profile

    • Jennifer Sikora says

      Sorry that you lost your page rank! I am scared to death they are going to come after me any day now. I have been trying to back through older posts and change the links to no follow etc, but it is a huge undertaking!

      I love blogging. I was blogging way before I started making money. That is how I fell head over heels in love with writing.

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