Here are Some of My Favorite Ways to Organize Household Items Using See Jane Work Storage Supplies (Giveaway)

I received complimentary products from the See Jane Work Collection from Office Depot in order to write this post. All opinions listed are 100% my own.

My desk is a catch all. Everything from my husband’s tools, to my daughter’s schoolbooks, and all the recipe clippings I am going through at the moment all wind up on my desk.


As you can see, everything is crammed on top. BUT — you can get everything organized, if you have the right tools to do the job. For me, those tools are the See Jane Work storage solutions sold by Office Depot.

Organize Your Desk with See Jane Work

I was able to take all these amazing supplies and straighten my desk up. I spent one whole afternoon removing, recycling, and organizing all our supplies. It took me FOREVER, but after I finished, I was completely satisfied with the outcome.

See Jane Work for the Desk

The desk organizer worked great for all of my notepads, pens, folders, and calendar books. It has so many little pockets on it that everything fit perfectly. It just goes to show that the old saying still stands — a place for everything and everything in its place.

Now — on to my daughter’s organizational project.

My daughter is an artist. She spends countless hours drawing in her room at night. Every time she finishes a picture, she piles all her drawings in one section of her room, but now, she can use her See Jane Work Art Box and keep everything handy in one place.

Organize Artwork using the See Jane Work Art Work Box

This box is big enough that she can include her art book, pens, pencils, erasers, and all her finished sketches.

organize artwork

I love how these organizational supplies are perfect for anyone — college student, work at home mom, or anyone who wants to just organize their area.

You can purchase them online at Office Depot, or visit your local store and find the perfect pair just for you. They come in all kinds of colors, so the possibilities are endless.

see jane work

How would you organize your area with See Jane Work?

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One reader is going to get her chance to win some of the same storage supplies that I received. Use the Giveaway Tools form below to enter.


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  1. mechele johnson says

    I love the Art Keepers…We have 5 children and many years of art that could really use some organizing!

  2. Jackie M says

    my desk looks just like your “before” shot…but maybe worst lol .i need this bad. I enjoyed reading your post. The pictures inspired me:)


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