How to Beautify Your Yard on a Budget (Giveaway)

Kayla and I have been working to make our yard and outside home beautiful. When we first moved into this house, everything was overgrown – including the grass and flowerbeds. We decided to give ourselves a year to weed it all out and get the over growth under control before taking on any planting projects.

Flowers and shrubs from Home Depot

After we got all of that under control, we decided to go to Home Depot and purchase flowers, potting, soil, mulch, and more to get our yard beautification started.

Did you know that you can make the outside of your home beautiful even if you are on a budget?

We put these tips to the test while we worked on our yard and we found out that for under $100, our yard can come alive with beauty! Here is how to beautify your yard on a budget.

The front yard

  • Coupons: If you want to really save money, the first place to look is online for coupons. These Mother’s Day Coupons always have some great deals on flowers or inside home projects, so check out FIRST before heading out to the store or shopping online.
  • In Store Clearance: When Kayla and I shopped for flowers, we did not look for the most expensive pots of flowers. We chose the flowers that were under $2.00 and came in a 6 pack. That allowed us to make our pots look full for less money.

OUtside on the back porch.

  • Start Small: No one says you have to finish everything all at one time. Pick one area of the yard and start there first. For me and Kayla, we chose to start with our front trees. We mulched them, added potting soil and some pretty flowers and it really made the front yard pop.

Now — we are getting ready to work on the left side of the yard so that everything matches.

The front yard

Really you can fix up any yard even if you live on a budget. It just takes planning and a little know how and you are one your way to one gorgeous living area!


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