The Life of a Stay at Home Mom is NEVER Boring #CoffeeJourneys #shop

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I have been on the run since yesterday. My day started at 6am. I woke up, cleaned house, wrote a couple of blog posts, and headed out with my daughter to the park to meet some other homeschool moms and their kids for a day of relaxation. Before I did though, I had to have my morning breakfast coffee to get myself motivated.

When you are on the run, how does your coffee fuel you up #CoffeeJourneys #Shop

We had to drive 30 minutes to the park. Before driving to the park, I always make sure to grab my travel coffee mug– because a girl can never have too much coffee, right — especially when there is  a lot going on — and for us — that was the case- yesterday and today.

Hanging out with friends #CoffeeJourneys #Shop

We spent an entire day having fun at the park. When it was time to go, we packed up and headed home. We hadn’t been home for very long, when it was time to load up the truck and head out to our local Walmart to grab some things for our church cleaning crew.

Thank goodness I was able to fuel up again before leaving.

Enjoying cofee before heading out again #CoffeeJourneys #Shop

We finally arrived home around 9pm. I fell into bed around 10:30 last night, only to wake up again today to hit the ground running.

One of the teens in our youth group had an appendicitis attack and I went to go see her and her parents early — around 8:30. I then came back home, washed a few dishes, and then headed out with my husband to go car shopping.

Thankfully, my Mr. Coffee 10 cup thermal coffee pot keeps me going all day. Not to mention my new favorite taste on the planet — Millstone Flavored coffee. The hazlenut cream is my absolute favorite.

Enter to win this coffee pot and 2 bags of coffee #CoffeeJourneys #Shop

This is THE best coffee maker I have ever owned in my life. I love how quick my coffee is ready in the morning. But my favorite part? It’s the thermal carafe that keeps my coffee heated almost all day long. A regular glass coffee pot allows the coffee to cool quickly, but with the Mr. Coffee Thermal coffee pot, you get hot coffee whenever you want it.

Enter to win

How would you like to win one of these fabulous coffee pots AND 2 bags of Millstone coffee? One of my readers is going to get their chance. Just fill in the Giveaway Tools form below.

Where does your coffee journeys take you every day?

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  1. nicole dz says

    My coffee journey usually starts by brewing my up a pot in the morning and enjoying it out on my patio while I check emails.

  2. marian boll says

    Usually on trips through my computer….hoping for a family trip to Ireland, I keep looking for best deals!!!

  3. Mary Beth Elderton says

    My coffee journey began when I was a small kid–thanks to my old school Louisiana grandmother. Coffee is my”comfort food” and our way to get together around a table.

  4. Addrienne Mertens says

    it takes me to wake up land.. i can’t drink it after noon..wish i could. i love it!

  5. Rebecca Parsons says

    In the morning coffee is the drink to get me awake. Without out it sometimes I feel blah in the morning!

  6. Barbara Montag says

    My coffee journey so pleases me.
    Have my first cup in the morning to get it together & then throughout the day!
    thank you

  7. Harmony B says

    My cup of coffee in the morning before the kiddos wake up is my coffee journey, a little down time

  8. Kelly D says

    I usually enjoy coffee at home before bringing my kids to school, but once in a while I buy a cup in my travels, shopping or on vacation.


    My coffee journey starts every day early in the morning. It enables me to function the rest of the day through all the chaos

  10. Sherrie C. says

    My coffee journey begins when I wake up and if I’m lucky and it’s a sunny day I can sit outside underneath my tree and listen to the birds singing while I sip on my cup of morning coffee.


  11. Mer says

    My coffee journey takes me out of bed in the mornings. A bit of caffeine helps me wake up and take a little me time in the midst of a hectic morning.

  12. Rebecca says

    I need my first cup of coffee each morning so that I am able to get the kiddos their breakfast and start our day together. Without the coffee, I’m afraid it would probably just be cereal every day lol! Coffee makes eggs, waffles and so much more possible :)

  13. Robin says

    My coffee journey usually follows me on my commute to work as I enjoy my coffee on my way to work

  14. D Schmidt says

    My coffee journey takes me to a few months of relaxation before my children wake up in the mornings.

  15. Nancy Loring says

    My #CoffeeJourneys starts at 3 in the morning and it takes me to that special place. A pkace were everything goes my way. I stay in that pkace as long as possible. Or until 4:30 when I have to go work as a breakfast waitress and pour coffee for other people so that they can go to their special plsce.

  16. Samantha Daleo says

    My coffee journey takes me to a quiet, peaceful and warm place every morning so I can wake up and start my day right.

  17. Laurie Emerson says

    It starts in the mornings at 4am in my kitchen. It then takes me to the school where I teach as well as the Teacher’s Lounge for lunch. It takes me home again where I sit and savor a cup of hot coffee until it is time to make dinner.

  18. Melissa Nagy says

    My coffee usually takes me through my daily perusal of the latest happenings on facebook and twitter. It’s my social media stimulator.

  19. Angela Ash says

    My coffee journey begins not long after I wake up in the morning. I get a pot brewing right after taking the dog out. I enjoy sitting in my kitchen or outside on the patio while reading the morning paper.

  20. jennifer cecil says

    My coffee journey gets me moving so that I can get my family to work and school on time.

  21. Carissa Joslyn says

    My coffee journey keeps me out of the insane asylum that my two boys would surly send me to 😉


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