Keep Your Dog’s Teeth Healthy and Clean with Milkbone Brushing Chews (Giveaway)

I was given complimentary Milkbone Brushing Chews products in exchange for sharing this post with you. All opinions are 100% my own.

The other day, I went shopping for my third child — my dog. I am sure that each of us have that fur baby child we love to shop for! I know I do. Anyway, I decided it was high time to get him a harness so I don’t have to choke him when I am dragging him out to go walking.

Tucker with his new harness

I have always just used a leash on him, but someone said because of how tiny he is, we should really use a harness so as not to choke him or hurt his throat when he pulls against us when we walk. We love to try new things out, so I got him one and guess what? He loves it!

There is something else he loves too.

His new Milkbone Brushing Chews.


Milk-Bone® Brushing Chews help provide an easy and effective way to help take care of your dog’s teeth. These daily dental treats are clinically proven to reduce tartar. The unique dental twist bone is designed to help clean even hard to reach back teeth and down to the gumline. Dogs love the irresistible chicken taste of Milk-Bone® Brushing Chews, and you’ll love giving them a daily dental treat that’s fortified with 12 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium for strong bones and teeth.


Despite veterinarians’ recommendations for pet owners to practice regular brushing at home and schedule periodic professional teeth cleanings for their pets, more than 80 percent of dogs develop periodontal disease by 3 years of age, according to the American Veterinary Dental Society. Now, new Milk-Bone® Brushing Chews™ make your dog’s daily oral care as easy a routine as your own. And the good news is, when fed daily, Milk-Bone® Brushing Chews™ are clinically proven to be as effective as brushing a dog’s teeth twice per week based on reduction of tartar build-up and bad breath. Essentially, with Milk-Bone® Brushing Chews™, now your dog can brush its own teeth!

Tucker likes these, however, because of his small size, he is VERY picky about what kind of treat he eats. If it is not teeny tiny and soft, he will usually just lick it instead of eating it — which is what he did with his new Milkbone Brushing Chews.

Enter to win

How would you like to win a box of these yummy chews for your puppy? One winner will receive a $25 gift card and your choice of mini or small Milkbone Brushing Chews.

Milkbone Giveaway

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  1. Nancy Loring says

    Rascal my baby would love to have these milkbones because he loves to chew on just abour anything. Also he can always use a little extra helo with bryshing his teeth and if they help with his breath well that would just be a bonus for me.

  2. natalie yeoman says

    i think she would love these because she LOVES any kind of treat she will eat anything ! i also like them for her because it helps clean her teeth

  3. Kelly D says

    I think my dog would like these chews because she enjoys working on bones and eating them as fast as she can.

  4. Lois Bowman says

    i think my dog would like these because he already gets them as treats and their he’s favorite

  5. Shauntea Crutcher says

    My dog is a puppy but since she is teething I think she would like these, and I would like the fact that it helps her breath.

  6. Anastasia says

    My dog loves -anything- that’s a treat! So, even though these would be good for him, he’ll still jump up and beg for them like all treats!! 😀

  7. Kelly Ann T. says

    I think my dogs would like these chews because they don’t mind having their teeth brushed and they love treats.

  8. Michelle Weaver says

    My dog would eat anything!! So he would love these treats since they are actually food.

  9. Marianna says

    I think my dog would like them because she likes any kind of chews or treats – she is not picky at all! 😉

  10. Crystal F says

    She would love them because she loves all treats. lol She’s just a puppy so everything is new to her. Thank you!

  11. Devon F says

    She loves chjewing on everything & while it will keep her busy it will help with cleaning her teeth…Awesome!

  12. e michelle says

    she doesnt get treats often so this would be a double bounus a treet and something that is good for her unlike the food she sometimes sneaks away from the kids!

  13. Jan Roberts says

    Many of my foster doggies arrive here with horrible tartar. Since most of them are former shelter doggies/strays/abandoned, they also LOVE treats! What a win-win to offer them a yummy treat that also helps their teeth

  14. Lorena Keech says

    We have already tried them and the dogs don’t love them. But they will lick them and gnaw them a little. I figure if I leave them out, they will probably finish them.

  15. Melissa Nagy says

    My dog loves to chew almost anything so I’m sure that these would be a hit. I think that she would like all of the different textures on this bone.

  16. Virginia Rowell says

    My dog is like Mikey, she’ll eat anything, but these would be especially good for her, as I try to only give her things that are best for her.

  17. Jessica Ruggiero says

    My dog loves chewing pretty much anything but will especially love these because not only does he get to chew on something but they should also taste good to him as well!

  18. vera says

    I’m hoping my picky girl will like these. We adopted her a few months ago and have been introducing new treats hoping to find her fave.

  19. Angela Ash says

    My dog likes treats in general but really seems to take a liking to textured ones. I can see the Milk Bone Brushing Chews twist bone design with it’s bumps and ridges being very appealing to her – not to mention the benefits of helping keep her teeth clean and reducing tartar. Plus, she loves anything chicken flavored so they would definitely be ideal.

  20. Samantha Daleo says

    I know he would love them because he already does! He just finished his first pack and would sure like another :)

  21. Kristi Bonus says

    Our new pip Bailey has recently begun her teething stage and no pair of shoes is safe! She constantly chews everything from old loafers to designer pumps so I KNOW she’s craving a little more variety in life. Surely, this will do the trick!

  22. shanta spradlin says

    My dog would chew on anything and eat anything thing. This would be a lot better for her to chew on

  23. Ceinwyn R says

    My dogs would like them because they look way better than my child’s legos which they currently steal to chew on.

  24. Heather B says

    My dog loves his treats! I am sure he would like these as well. My teeth always feel good after a cleaning I bet his would too!

  25. Laurie Emerson says

    I think they will like these chews as they love Milk Bone treats and love to chew on bones.

  26. CJ Godfrey says

    I think he would like them because he enjoys all of the Milk-Bone products I already give him. He is a treat hound!

  27. Tim Anderson says

    My dogs eat milkbone every morning. It would be even better to have something that cleans their teeth.

  28. Carla says

    My dog Minnie would love these, as she likes chewy treats, & is still young & has good teeth to enjoy them.

  29. Jennifer Reed says

    I think my dog would enjoy the new Milkbone Brushing Chews because he is a fan of many of the other varieties of MilkBone products.

  30. Brian E. says

    Thanks for the giveaway…our dog Maxine loves chicken, so the chicken flavor will have her chewing those Milk-Bone Brushing Chews in no time !

  31. sheila ressel says

    My dog Rodney would love these because he is very prone to tartar so these would really help with that.

  32. amanda whiltey says

    my dog will eat anything really but i know i would like that it helps freshen his breath so i will let him give me kisses anytime.

  33. susan smoaks says

    our baby girl samantha would love these chews because she loves treats and these would be new for her to try!


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