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I have been finding all kinds of yummy and healthy desserts I can eat on I did a search for paleo dessert recipes and came up with over 20 right off the bat that I wanted to share with you!

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Yesterday, Kayla and I tried our hand at making Homemade Fruit Roll Ups, or in a homemade case, they call it fruit leather. This is SO easy to make. You don’t need a dehydrator. All you need is an oven and your pan with a silicone baking mat and you can make these delicious and healthy treats.

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I love take out food. It is some of my absolute favorite food in the entire world. I could eat it every single day of my life, that is just how much I love it. What I don’t love though, is the price tag associated with a delicious take out meal. For example — Chinese or Thai food. When I take my daughter out to lunch or dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant, I can expect to pay in the ballpark of around $25-$30 for the two of us to eat, which is SO silly.

By using these tips to make my own take out food at home, I can slash that price to around $15 and feed my entire family of four!

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Brownberry® provided me with coupons to redeem product and a gift card for my sandwich recipe ingredients so that I could share my thoughts and information about Brownberry® products with all of you.

Anytime I can take a grilled cheese sandwich and bump up the flavors, I am gonna do just that. The other day Kayla and I was craving an Italian style sandwich, so we made a delicious Chicken Caprese Grilled Cheese made with Brownberry Whole Wheat Bread.

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I wrote this review while participating in a campaign for Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Twinkies. I received samples and a promotional item to thank me for participating.

If you want to make a no fuss dessert that is simply delicious and full of flavor — you HAVE to make my Very Berry Twinkie Cake.

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This post has been sponsored by, however all opinions and love of food is 100% my own.

I have been on a shrimp kick lately. I just cannot seem to get enough of it. In fact, I think I have eaten shrimp every day in some form or fashion for the last couple of weeks. I feel like Bubba on Forrest Gump.

Anyway, since I have been eating the shrimp, I decided to see what other yummy seafood dishes I could find to make and I discovered 15 new recipes that I wanted to share with you that I found on the website.

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Back in May, when I catered my first wedding, I made a dish that I had never made before. It was one that the bride requested — and I was really unsure of how it was going to taste, but I did it anyway — and it is now one of my most requested items at any picnic or event — My copycat recipe of Hooter’s Deep Fried Pickles.

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My daughter is an animal lover. She has been since she was about a year old. When she was 5, she discovered the beauty of the hummingbird and how to make your own hummingbird food.

My mom used to keep feeders around all the time and they would sit out on her back porch and watch them flitter and fly around, going from one to the next. She always said when she got older, she was going to do the same thing. Now — at 16, she has her own feeders, makes her own food for them, and sits and takes amazing photos of them eating and flying around.

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One of my new favorite foods is lettuce wraps. It started when my daughter and I went to a Thai restaurant and I had them. From the first bite I fell head over heels in love with them. Since then — I have recreated many different flavors of lettuce wraps. We have had Asian, BBQ Pork, Tacos, and now, I can add Mexican Grilled Chicken Lettuce Wraps to that list as well.

This, you see, is grilling season — and what better way to celebrate it than with my favorite Mexican dish. I topped these with delicious Red Gold Tomatoes, which added a serious punch of flavor.

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This month marks National Ice Cream month and if you are anything like me, I loooooove my ice cream! Another thing that I love right now is Nielsen-Massey Vanillas. Combine my love of ice cream with my love of their pure vanilla extracts and you create the most delicious homemade ice cream ever.

Today — I am sharing their version of Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwiches. These are to die for!

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