Hey guys! Welcome to my Ultimate Blog Party Post. I am so super excited to have you stop by and visit my site. Before I get into ALL the info you will find here, let me just tell you a little about myself, my blog, and my UBP journey.

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This morning I woke up to a winter snow storm like no other. We have gotten about 3 inches of sleet with a potential 6-10 inches of snow being dumped on that. In fact — as of right now, it is coming down so hard, I can’t even see the school across the street. It’s days like this that make the perfect day for writing. BUT — my trying to be a perfect blogger messes all that up.

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This week, my very first post has been published on the Type-A Parent Blog. I shared 11 places bloggers can make money online. This was super fun to write!

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Thank you to Elite Flyers for providing my amazing business cards for the Type A Conference that I attended last week. No other compensation was provided.

I attended my first ever blogging conference last weekend. I am not going to lie — I was scared out of pants. I had no clue what to expect, I only knew a handful of people there, and it was the first time that I had ever really talked to clients and brands face to face. Thankfully, I had some really cool business cards to pass out, because those are really what broke the ice and made the conversation flow easily.

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Atlanta was amazing. I’ve driven through there before, but nothing could compare to actually being there. I ate some amazing food, met some new people, found new blogging friends, and had a great time. This however, is what I woke up to every single morning, and it is simply beautiful.

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I am SO pumped about this upcoming weekend. I have never been to a blogging conference before, so when a friend asked if anyone wanted to buy her ticket to Type A, I said YES!!! So — Thursday, I am jumping on a plane and heading to Atlanta to join old friends that I have never met before, and to meet new friends and learn all I can about blogging.

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Sign Up For The Popular 4-Week Online Blogging Class – Just $5 For A Limited Time Only!

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I tend to disagree with many bloggers out there — the ones that say in order for people to be interested in what you are saying you MUST post every single day. I don’t believe that for one hot second. In fact, I have found that in my world, sometimes less is better, because in reality, it’s about the quality of what you write and not the quantity or how much you write. The quantity vs quality issues has always been a sticky subject matter, but here are my thoughts on it.

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There are many ways to earn money, aside from having a regular day job. Some people are finding the 9-5 lifestyle boring and are looking for creative and fun ways to earn a living. There are some who earn money simply by doing their hobbies, while there are the savvy citizens who are finding that they can make money online.

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One thing that bothers me the most is the numbers game. You know the one I’m talking about. It is basically played in every area of life:

~Church Numbers

~Blog Numbers

~Potential Clients

~Facebook Fan Pages

~Twitter Followers

The thing that I have come to realize that blogging is NOT about numbers. Life is NOT about numbers, church is NOT about numbers.

It’s about the people

The change you make in their life

The wisdom you share with them

For me, I don’t hang around a blog that does not have some nugget of wisdom for me, whether it be spiritual for for my home, or for our homeschool. I love when I find blogs that are real and share their heart in every area of their lives.

That is how I want to be here — with you.

What about you? If you blog, do you worry about numbers all the time? How do you get past that?

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