Say Goodbye to Outrageous Tax Preparation Costs thanks to TurboTax


When my husband went into business for himself in 2002, I was new to having to keep up with paperwork, etc. When it came time for tax preparation, I went to our local tax office to get the taxes done. When I walked out of there, it costs me almost $400 to have it prepared, […]

It’s Okay to Be Totally Different – a Story Told Through the Eyes of Blank #BlankandBow #CleverGirls

Blank and Bow Meeting #blankandbow #clevergirls

I just finished watching a cute 38 minute short film created by Disney about Blank — a white Vinylmation character who falls in love with Bow — another white Vinylmation character. After watching the film, I have a few thoughts I wanted to share with you on love, being different, and learning to love yourself. […]