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This morning I woke up to a winter snow storm like no other. We have gotten about 3 inches of sleet with a potential 6-10 inches of snow being dumped on that. In fact — as of right now, it is coming down so hard, I can’t even see the school across the street. It’s days like this that make the perfect day for writing. BUT — my trying to be a perfect blogger messes all that up.

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I am in the middle of reading a romance novel right now about a woman who designs wedding dresses in secret because she works as a seamstress for a famous wedding gown designer. She doesn’t want him to find out because she is fearful of how he will react and she thinks she needs this job to survive. Things are happening and all of a sudden she is walking in the calling that God has placed on her life — what she has envisioned for so long. She finally feels like she can breathe again.

and that is where I am at today.

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This guest post on online writing curriculum has been submiteed by Nikolas Brown

Writing is an important skill for any profession, so it’s something you want to make sure you teach your students well. However, writing can be hard to teach. For some moms, even if they love to write and have an excellent command of the English language, coming up with a strategy for organizing grammar lessons and thinking of creative writing prompts– while also instilling a passion for writing in their children– can be very difficult.

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I tend to disagree with many bloggers out there — the ones that say in order for people to be interested in what you are saying you MUST post every single day. I don’t believe that for one hot second. In fact, I have found that in my world, sometimes less is better, because in reality, it’s about the quality of what you write and not the quantity or how much you write. The quantity vs quality issues has always been a sticky subject matter, but here are my thoughts on it.

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Want to join or just want to know what Five Minute Friday is all about? Head over to Lisa Jo’s blog and find out :) And while you’re there, be sure to visit & leave some comment love (no lurking!) for the other bloggers who linked up!

Today’s Prompt: In Between

Today, I am in between breaths. I am finding it hard to breathe again. Every single time I think I know what I want to do with my life, things suck me back and I feel stuck again.

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Yesterday, Kayla and I headed to Hopkinsville to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday. We were both pretty excited about it. There is nothing more that we love, than spending time with her and making her feel special.

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After wrestling with God last week and then finally saying yes to Him, I am now anticipating the next step in this process of realizing and acting on my God sized dream. My sweet husband bought a chaise lounge for our bedroom that we can both use –his for study time to prepare when he has to teach, and me to write when I need some peace and quiet.

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Today’s prompt for Five Minute Friday: View

Honestly, I don’t even know where I should start. My view right now makes me numb. Staring at the screen all day, doing things I would rather not be doing– it makes me extremely numb.

You see, I stumbled on a book this morning that has made me finally say it. I am a writer. I am not a blogger. I am not a virtual assistant. I am a writer. The view I want more than anything right now is the view of me typing away and sharing the stories that are within me.

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I received a copy of this book in exchange for writing my review. All opinions listed are my own.

I am a dreamer. I always have been. The one dream that has burned in my spirit for the longest time is to write — sharing God’s love and my passion with others. God birthed this in my a very long time ago, but I have been so quick to give Him excuse after excuse as to why I cannot do it. After reading Holley Gerth’s newest book, You’re Made for a God Sized Dream, I will no longer make excuses. It’s time for me to start accepting that God has given me a dream and it is totally O.K. for me to reach for that dream and achieve it.

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